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The curriculum is specifically designed to cultivate expertise in the techniques, strategies, and business fundamentals required to create, innovate, and sustain new products and services in a variety of industry domains. As a student, you may:

  • Explore the techniques involved in thinking creatively and strategically.
  • Gain an understanding of the benefits and purpose of innovation and new venture creation.
  • Identify, generate, and evaluate alternative solutions to business problems.
  • Learn to effectively communicate ideas, concepts, and analyses.
  • Understand the implications and best practices associated with protecting and managing intellectual property.
  • Apply innovation to human resource policy, reward systems, business processes, marketing, and strategic decision making.
  • Increase skills in leadership, team building, interpersonal influence, and the management of innovation and change.

You may have the opportunity to earn multiple graduate certificates while in pursuit of your master's degree. As always, please speak with an adviser for more details.


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